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  • Filling Executive Roles as Interim or Continuing
  • Board Directorships & Corporate Governance (Completion of Australian Institute of Company Directors Course)
  • Multi-disciplinary Project & Program Management
  • Project and Program Detailed Review, Audit & Preparation Thereof
  • Strategic planning, Drivers and Filters
  • Prince 2 Practitioner
  • Management Template Construction and Provision
  • Establishment of Systems Engineering Approach
  • Team building

25 years experience in managing and leading significant human and material resources: within frameworks ranging from research groups and central technical services, Boards of Directors, to international space-satellite consortiums, commercial R&D & manufacturing industry


Management and Leadership

  • Establishment and/or review of business development goals & objectives.
  • Creation of intra- and inter- organisational growth opportunities
  • Establishing strategic partnerships and appropriate business decisions
  • Board Membership, Governance and Change Management
  • Business development activities across different departments
  • Representation in meetings or negotiations
  • Audit&Review of organisational process
  • SWOT Analysis & Market Analysis
  • Development of Business Case or Plan &/or review of goals and objectives.

Able to bring long-term value for an organisation through new ideas, initiatives and activities that make a business better. Creation of long-term value from customers, markets, and relationships.Specialist in networking, lobbying, negotiations, relationship-building and establishing (or dismantling) both national and international strategic partnerships.

Business Development

Over 25 years Multi-disciplinary experience in Applied Sciences, Engineering (ITEE/Electrical), AssociatedTechnologies, Project & Program Management, Innovation, Commercialisation, Technology Transfer & Building Relationships between Universities and the industry Sector. National & International Awareness and Reach.

Science and Technology Advisory

  • Multi-disciplinary Advisory and Consultation
  • STEM (Physics, Astro, Instrumentation, Stats, )
  • Engineering (Systems, ITEE, Electrical, Mechanical, Optical, S/W, Tech Management)
  • Conducting External (project or programme) Reviews
  • Funding Opportunities & Submission Evaluations
  • Critical Analysis
  • Problem Solving/Decomposition
  • Innovation; Technology Transfer
  • Technical Documentation.
  • Building Teams with Capability and Focus on Corporate Goals

Effective Strategies for Quality Training, Coaching, & Mentoring tailored to the Individual, Team, Industry or University. Building Strategic Industry-University-Networks & student placements. Development & Presentation of Training Material and University courses. Strong awareness of Industry needs. Industry and University Advisory Panels

  • Course Coordination and provision of Content
  • Detailed Audit & Review of Existing Programs
  • Identification of Training or Knowledge deficiencies
  • Specialist in Professional Practice & Communication
  • Confidence & Body Language for Effective Communications
  • Negotiation and Conflict Management
  • Effective team-building and Meeting Strategies
  • Systems Engineering; ICT; STEM; Management; Commercialisation; Innovation;
  • Executive Coaching and ikigai for life balance & happiness
  • Industry Training for International Students (open to Embassies & Cultural Missions)

Training and Mentoring

Global Projects